I am a self-taught photographer and cinematographer from Casper, Wyoming. I have been living and perfecting photography in Colorado for the last 13 years. I have been attending and photographing some of the most elaborate, incredible, perfect, intimate, slow and fast experiences/events. I have worked with rockstars, pop stars, aspiring talents, and the goofiest people that have no idea what they want or need involving media production. I love my job and aspire to capture the essence, which I do. I am inspired by love, spirit, nature, art, people, and everyday life. The challenge and infinite possibilities of media production keep me motivated to pursue the action of capturing/creating a beautiful image. Putting myself right in the action allows me to capture fleeting moments as they happen. More often than not I find myself caught in a moment that is un-replicable. While rolling with the flow I tend to find my favorite images happen in an instant; captured to forever be appreciated and loved. I do my best to make my work fun, easy and enjoyable. We are most definitely going to have a great time!