Documenting the best parties, celebrities we can’t speak of, to having champagne sprayed on the camera, my team is ready to capture all of the emotions and feelings. Out of Denver, Colorado servicing clients in the Rocky Mountains and abroad since 2015. 


This experince is something you should remember.

Lets make great memories together.

By putting myself into unique situations along with allowing experimental exposures all while reacting to the scene happening in front of me is part of why I love being a photographer. Not always is everything planned to perfection while photographing new subjects. In these situations more often than not I find myself caught in a moment that is un-replicable. While rolling with the flow I tend to find my favorite images happen in a instant captured to forever be appreciated and loved.


Seth Beckton is a self taught photographer from Casper, Wyoming. Seth, has been living and practicing photography in Aspen Colorado for the last 8 years. He is Inspired by nature, people, surrounding art and every day life. The challenge and infinite possibilities of photography keep Seth motivated and pursuing the action of capturing/creating a beautiful image. 

Be in touch so we can talk about photography, events, planning or ideas. Sometimes you just need to discuss your thoughts and plans. Hiring a professional photography can be tricky. Let me ask you the right questions so we can achieve your desired image outcome.

Team Memebers


Seth Beckton - Lead Photographer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor. 


Natalia Snider - Photographer, Stylist


Evan Anderson - Photographer