Destination Photographer

Welcome to Seth Beckton Photo, where we offer a unique portrait studio and video production company in Aspen, Co. I tailor my productions to meet the needs of my clients. With over ten years of experience, my locally owned and operated company offers the highest quality services as your wedding photographer or videographer,  image editing, and engagement photographer commercial production, event photographer, event videography. My work is fun, energetic and my video services can help showcase your special event. I can also create content development for local businesses and commercial work alike to showcase products, events, web content you name it.

My mission is to create unique content that inspires, enlightens and brings joy to those who view and partake. What makes my work different is my ability to create incredible content no matter the conditions, pressure, or demands. I am confident, experienced, and will do what is necessary to make my clientele stoked on the outcome. 

Whether you're looking for a high-end photographer, producer, videographer, or portrait studio,  Seth Beckton has the expertise that will exceed your expectations. 

Send us a message to connect and for your first consultation.     

You can also view some of my other work on my personal site at www.sethbeckton.com


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